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VacUClear is a vacuum line maintenance treatment that neutralizes odors, restores the vacuum line flow and pressure, and extends the life of evacuation equipment. These time-release vacuum tablets provide continuous, self-activating care of both high and low volume systems.

Use VacUClear once a week by simply placing 1 tablet in the evacuation trap. The flow of contaminated fluids activates the tablet to help eliminate bacteria, bio-burden, and blood build-up at the source.


TriCom Dental Products VacUClear Vacuum Line Tablets VacUClear is so easy to use, at the end of the day, simply turn the vacuum pump off and go home. When asked what they liked best about TriCom Dental Products's VacuClear, 8 of 9 evaluators named ease of use. An evaluator with 14 years of experience described it as "very easy to use and gets the job done well." When main PVC line walls are filled with bio-film, buildup, fluorides, and other debris, pumps experience strain as they attempt to provide full, positive suction. VacUC...

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