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Vacuum Fresh continuously cleans by forming a bacteria film in the lines that prevents the growth of any unwanted pathogens. Naturally occurring bacillus bacteria digest organic substances such as blood and wastes that can accumulate in evacuation systems, clearing and deodorizing vacuum lines and extending the life of pumps by restoring vacuum pressure. With Vacuum Fresh, up to 4 chairs can be treated with one tablet. Simply dissolve each tablet in a quart/liter of water (yields eight 4 oz. treatments) and pour 4 oz. of solution directly into the suction line, cuspidor, and any other vacuum system access point. Vacuum Fresh should be used daily to keep systems running smoothly and to prevent slow drainage and bad odor. Vacuum Fresh is approved for use with any plumbing and septic system, and no special equipment or protective clothing is required for handling tablets. —Julie Cullen




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