Valplast Removable Flexible Partial Denture

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The innovation of the Valplast Flexible Partial allows the restoration to adapt to the constant movement and flexibility in a patient’s mouth. The flexible material reduces chair time, eliminates invasive procedures, and eliminates the need for metal. Valplast partials are made from an unbreakable nylon resin, which has many characteristics not found in acrylic denture resins, such as elastic recovery, natural translucency and excellent biocompatibility. Since nylon handles differently from acrylic, some new easy-to-learn clinical techniques must be studied by dentists working with the product for the first time. In addition to partials, Valplast may also be used for a variety of special applications including cleft palate cases, obturators, bruxism appliances and gingival veneers. Using a Certified Valplast Lab is recommended. Each Valplast restoration comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage and fracture. Most of the principles for taking impressions, inserting, and adjusting a Valplast partial are available on the Valplast website,, which also includes technical bulletins and instructional videos. —Julie Schmitt

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Valplast Removable Flexible Partial Denture
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