Venus Bulk Fill Posterior Composite

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Available in both syringes and pre-loaded tips, Venus Bulk Fill provides a number of features that allow clinicians to work more efficiently while providing better results. One such feature is the selfadaptive handling, which eliminates steps and provides ideal coverage of cavity floor and walls. Venus Bulk Fill also provides a long working time and is highly radiopaque for accurate diagnosis. As the newest addition to the complete Venus Esthetic System, Venus Bulk Fill is ideal for use as a bulk fill base or liner below a final layer of Venus Diamond composite. Its easy placement technique requires minimal steps and is compatible with all methacrylate composites and bonding adhesives. —Bob Alaburda




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Makes life so much easier
This is a completely versatile product. I use it for Class IIs, Class Vs, repair of provisional, bonding of onlays and even cementation of provisional for short preps
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Venus Bulk Fill Posterior Composite
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