vhf Z4 Milling and Grinding Unit

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The vhf Z4 milling and grinding machine enables you to fabricate same-day restorations in-office, in minutes. The Z4 is compatible with a wide range of leading material blocks, software and scanning technology. The material block is automatically fixed with one-click mounting, and can be exchanged in seconds. After designing the restoration, the machining process is controlled by an intuitive touchscreen.

•Produces ideal same-day restorations from glass ceramics, polymethyl methacrylate, zirconia, composites, and titanium prefab abutments
•Offers seamless workflows with 3Shape TRIOS/TRIOS Design Studio and other leading CAD/CAM systems.




Z4 Milling and Grinding: High-quality, Same-day Restorations

The constant evolution of mainstream CAD/CAM technology has transformed the way clinicians provide restorative treatment to their patients—making chairside designing and milling of high-quality crowns and multiple-unit restorations in one day a reality. While there are several digital dentistry manufacturers currently vying for clinicians’ attention, the Z4 milling and grinding machine from vhf is an ideal option for clinicians who crave flexibility....

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vhf Z4 Milling and Grinding Unit
vhf Inc.
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