VIOlight Personal/Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer Dental Professional Distribution Program

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Ultraviolet Toothbrush Sanitizing

VIOlight Dental Professional Distribution Program

Dentists and hygienists can put themselves at the forefront of infection control while providing their patients with an affordable and effective means of disease prevention.

VIOlight recently introduced a Dental Professional Distribution Program that enables authorized dental offices to provide their patients with a proven line of products that kill infectious bacteria commonly found on toothbrushes.

Researchers have found more than 10,000,000 bacteria living on a single toothbrush.1 A major source of toothbrush contamination is the toilet, which when flushed, typically spews bacteria and virusladen water droplets onto exposed toothbrushes.2

There are 2 VIOlight models currently available through the Professional Distribution Program: the VIO 100'a counter unit that uses germicidal ultraviolet light that physically destroys the DNA of microorganisms; and the VIO 200'a VIOlight Personal/Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer that uses the same UV technology in a sleek, go-anywhere package. VIOlight's germicidal UV bulb has been proven to be highly effective in killing up to 99% of germs.3

VIOlight's Dental Professional Distribution Program offers a retail program for dentists who prefer to stock and dispense product within the practice, and a patient referral program for those who would rather have the sales and fulfillment handled by VIOlight. Both options provide revenue opportunities. 'Jason Schwartz


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VIOlight Personal/Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer Dental Professional Distribution Program
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