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Illuminated Handpiece Shines a Light on Mirrors and Dental Problems

MTI Dental Introduces Vivid

The Vivid handpiece can help dental practitioners efficiently achieve better outcomes by making it easier to observe and work in the oral cavity.

MTI Dental Products, a leader in dental handpiece manufacturing, announced the launch of its Vivid illuminated mirror handpiece to enhance visibility in the oral cavity.

There are areas of the oral cavity where lighting is difficult with overhead lights, and Vivid offers a convenient way to illuminate obscure areas to benefit the detection of gum disease and other hidden dental problems. Vivid uses a powerful LED to project light onto a standard cone socket mirror, helping dental practitioners efficiently achieve better results by making it easier to observe and work in the oral cavity.

The battery-operated Vivid is compatible with standard cone socket dental mirrors that are inserted into the top of the handpiece. The mirror can be easily adjusted to achieve the desired angle and distance from the LED. When the light is turned on, the intensity of the illumination remains constant because of a smart amplification system that regulates energy consumption.

Vivid is available with 2 illumination heads for better asepsis, while its lightweight, easy-to-use design and dimensions ensure patient comfort. 'Jason Schwartz

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Vivid from MTI Dental
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