Water Assessment for Dental Environments (WADE)

Product Description

Sterisil offers comprehensive water purification and dental water disinfection options for any size dental office and for any type of equipment. Water Assessment for Dental Environments (WADE) is a comprehensive algorithm developed to provide dental offices with a complete assessment based on specific conditions associated with the practice.

Click and answer simple questions regarding the dental office's water use in the WADE application and receive a complete cost and efficiency assessment report.
This report can provide options to reduce cost per Liter for autoclave water and treated dental water. The WADE report 'provides options reflecting total annual savings, ROI, reduced maintenance cost, and optimized disinfection capacity and 'efficacy. In less than 5 minutes, clinicians can learn how to reduce autoclave and dental water costs, time, dental unit maintenance, all while optimizing dental water infection control. Scan QR code below to complete a free personalized WADE assessment.

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Water Assessment for Dental Environments (WADE)
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