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A New Classic

steri-shield Expands Wingers-H Line

Wingers-H 'Classic' revives steri-shield's popular original Horizontal bitewing tab, while the new Wingers-H touts fresh features.

The Horizontal bitewing tab from steri-shield was a favorite customer choice, according to the manufacturer. Due to its popularity and dentists who prefer the original design, sterishield has reintroduced the product under the name Wingers-H 'Classic' as well as the new-and-improved Wingers-H.

The original product has been improved upon, and offers clinicians several useful new features. The new version of Wingers-H now has a 1.5 cm longer bitewing tab for positive cheek retraction, and it also contains a small insertion slot to allow attachment of an integrated (single piece) x-ray. This revised product also has a new aimer ring and bar aimed at increasing convenience, efficiency, and easeof- use. The new x-ray guide bar easily slides into the tab of the disposable bitewing and can be sterilized for reuse. These new features, combined with the original Horizontal bitewing tab design, make the new Wingers-H an exceptional choice.

With 2 options now available, whether using the bi-secting angle or aimed technique, clinicians are assured of capturing an excellent image while maintaining maximum patient comfort.'Bob Alaburda

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