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MyRay's X-Pod

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MyRay drives innovation in digital radiology with the release of groundbreaking new features in its Upgrade Pack for X-Pod.

MyRay's X-Pod is a digital x-ray solution that does away with cords and computers, offering an all-in-one, easy-touse digital palm system. X-Pod's sensor with rounded edges captures x-rays and displays them on its handheld touch-screen. Multi-step zoom and image enhancement options ensure immediate diagnostic quality x-rays. Images are stored on an SD memory card and transferred to computers via Bluetooth or USB.

MyRay also just released its first Upgrade Pack for the X-Pod digital x-ray sensor system. The X-Pod Upgrade Pack provides a wide array of new features and enhancements including: a measurement tool for precise on-screen measurements, high-speed Bluetooth image transfer, increased processing speed when acquiring multiple images, lock and unlock of existing radiograph series, SD card integrity check for long term data protection, and the ability to print directly to some photo printers.

All X-Pods are compatible with the new Upgrade Pack. MyRay has an unlimited free upgrade policy, entitling MyRay product owners to lifetime firmware and software updates free-of-charge. 'Julie Schmitt

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