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American Eagle Instruments' Pro Thin line of periodontal instruments feature thinner blades and lighter handles to provide the clinician with the best tools for periodontally inclined patients. The line started with the M23 Thin scaler, and evolved into a complete set of instruments that includes thinner versions of the Blackjack scaler and the Barnhart 5–6 curette, along with Gracey Access instruments 1–2, 7–8, 13–14, and 15–16. The thinner blades are available because of sharpen-free XP Technology, a patented surface engineering process that puts a sharper edge onto a thinner blade, eliminating the time-consuming and imperfect process of sharpening instruments.


Periodontal instruments with thin blades, wear-resistant working ends, and comfortable ergonomics Ask dentists or hygienists to describe their ideal periodontal instrument, and chances are they will tell you it needs to be thin and sharp. Thin, for easy access and getting far into the nooks and crannies of the root morphology. And sharp, because a dull instrument simply doesn’t work as well and no one wants to waste time sharpening. American Eagle Instruments developed its new line of XP Sharpen-Free Thin scalers and curettes with ...

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Young Innovations Will Acquire American Eagle Instruments

Young Innovations, a leading global manufacturer and distributor of dental supplies and equipment, announces the acquisition of American Eagle Instruments, Inc . A respected manufacturer of high quality dental hand instruments, American Eagle is based in Missoula, Montana and is the inventor of XP Technology , which, according to American Eagle, is the only sharpen-free dental instrument line in the world. “We are incredibly proud to partner with American Eagle,” said Dave Sproat, CEO of Young Innovations in a recent press release . “American Eagle has a distinguished legacy of manufacturing high quality products in...

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XP Pro Thin Gracey Access Instruments
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