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DHM-dental has introduced the Yirro-plus® self cleaning dental mirror, which is available in the U.S. through GoldenDent. With the Yirro-plus®, clinicians won’t suffer from unnecessary interruptions in their workflow because of a blurred mirror. During clinical procedures, existing dental mirrors can get covered in spray and grindings covering the indirect sight. Yirro-plus® increases efficiency by cleaning itself with a controllable air flow, blowing the mirror clean while you work. This results in significantly less chair time for patients and a better ergonomic working posture for clinicians. Yirro-plus can be mounted to any dental unit and comes with multiple handles, mirrors, and cleaning accessories, which are all fully autoclavable.
•Dielectric front surface mirror with a compact shape, practical for procedures involving back molars
•Scratch resistant reusable front mirror surface
•Continuous clear sight
•Controllable air-flow cleaning the mirror surface

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