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Young is offering the Holiday Flavor Assortment in a 200-count bag containing coarse grit paste cups from October 1 until the end of the year. When customers order two, 200-count bags of traditional D-Lish Prophy Paste, they will receive 1 free bag of the Holiday Assortment Pack through select dealers.

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Holiday Paste
The Holiday D-Lish came in 3 different holiday flavors, hot chocolate, candy cane and sugar cookie. I give the patient a choice of flavors before I start their prophy. They were pleasantly surprised with the holiday flavors and were eager to try them. All the flavors got high praises from the patients, they enjoyed the flavors and the quality was there. It has an excellent stain removal and left the mouth fresh and clean.
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D-Lish Holiday Prophy Paste
Patients really seem to enjoy the flavors, especially the hot chocolate. It's ok as a stain remover. The only negative thing I would say is it splatters more than I would like.
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Young Dental D-Lish Holiday
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