Z-Tray Vented Sintering Trays

Product Description
Z-Tray Vented Sintering Trays provide a convenient and protective method for sintering crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers. The dense, round, ceramic tray provides nearly complete protection of restorations from undesired gas vapor condensation. When used with the sintering cover, Z-Tray Vented Sintering Trays prevent occasional zirconia discoloring that may otherwise occur because of the heating elements. Featuring a max service temperature of 1700° C, Z-Tray Vented Sintering Trays maintain good thermal shock and can withstand both a fast heating rate for zirconia and a slow heating rate for long-span bridgework or complex cases.

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Z-Tray Vented Sintering Trays
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