Zendo Select FG-Presterilized Endodontic Burs

Product Description
Zendo Select FG-Presterilized Endodontic Burs are specifically designed to allow for effective and efficient access preparation whether through natural tooth structure or a restoration. The diamond burs are made with a coating process that more than doubles the strength of the diamond bonding to the shank for superior performance while the tungsten carbide burs are designed to shape the pulp chamber for easy access to the root canal ori fices. The rounded, non-cutting, safe-ended tip prevents damage to the pulp chamber ¬floor and walls.




Select NanoFill LC—One Filling Material, Two Delivery Options

Select NanoFill LC from Zendo-online comes in either a capsule or syringe...

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Zendo Zenith: the 3-File, 3-Step Advantage

The Zendo Zenith series of rotary nickel titanium instruments is designed for optimal canal cleaning and shaping...

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The Steps to Easy Glide Path Preparation

Creating a glide path ensures that subsequent instruments move unimpeded from the coronal orifice to the apical...

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Zendo Select FG-Presterilized Endodontic Burs
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