Zhermack Hydrogum 5

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Hydrogum 5 offers clinicians an alginate with high dimensional stability as well as extra-fast working and setting times. It is thixotropic and features 5-second water absorption. Alghamix II (Zhermack’s mechanical mixer) offer simple and fast mixing without bubbles, as well as a homogenous mass and smooth, compact surfaces. Hydrogum 5 can be safely disinfected by the office’s preffered method. Extremely creamy and offered with a 5-year guarantee, Hydrogum 5 is indicated for applications in temporary crown and bridge, removable prosthesis, study models, and antagonists in fixed and removable prosthesis. Hyrdogum 5 comes in a patient-pleasing mangustan tropical fruit flavor and lilac color. —Bob Alaburda

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Zhermack Hydrogum 5
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