Zirc’s Organizational Box of Efficiency (Z.O.B.E.)

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Zirc's Organizational Box of Efficiency provides color coordinated organization for a stress free workspace. Z.O.B.E allows the everyday dentist to speed-up procedure set-up and overall turnaround of patients.The box easily keeps track of instruments and materials with a glance. These key features creates a calming patient experience. Z.O.B.E complies with CDC/OSHA standards.


Zirc’s Organizational Box of Efficiency contains 30 products to maximize organization and efficiency “Where did we put it?” If you’ve heard these words in your office—or have uttered them yourself—you know that disorganization can translate into wasted time, missing materials, and increased stress. And if you keep promising to get organized tomorrow, you might be realizing that tomorrow never seems to come. Dr. Deanna Barden knows that feeling well. “We were stocking each room with everything as opposed to just the essentia...

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Color-Coding the Clutter | Z.O.B.E

In her growing practice, Dr. Deanna Barden needed a way to keep operatories organized so that new...

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Why I Use CAD/CAM Block Locker from Zirc Dental

Dr. Michael Skramstad explains the CAD/CAM Block Locker from Zirc increases accessibility and improves organization of milling...

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Meet the Evaluator: Marisol King, DDS

Name: Marisol King, DDS Dental School: University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine Years...

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Zirc’s Organizational Box of Efficiency (Z.O.B.E.)
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