Zirlux Zirconia

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Zirlux® Zirconia enables you to provide patients with exceptional restorations that are esthetic, strong, metal-free, and available for multiple restorative options. Zirconia is ideal for patients who value esthetics, have minimal room for occlusal reduction, fractured existing restorations, or display signs of bruxism.

• High Strength: ?1,100 MPa
• High Translucency: Natural and lifelike esthetics
• Conservative Preparations: Suitable for supragingival and feather-edge margins
• Easily Polished: Less opposing enamel wear compared to PFM alternatives
• Predictable esthetics: reliable and consistent shade matching
• Smooth Finish: Zirlux restorations can be finished and polished to natural luster that results in low opposing wear

•Full Contour Crowns
•Full Contour Bridges
•Layered Ceramics




Advanced Digital Materials for Superior Results

Zirlux® Zirconia enables you to provide patients with exceptional restorations that are esthetic, strong, metal-free, and available...

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Zirlux Zirconia Finishing Guidelines

Minor marginal finishing is necessary in virtually every indirect treatment to remove excess cement or during occlusal...

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Zirlux Zirconia Cementation and Bonding Reference

Zirlux® restorations may be cemented or bonded using conventional cements and luting materials. Resin modified glass ionomers...

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A chipped tooth or a gap may be the source of embarrassment or self-consciousness for a patient....

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Drake Precision Dental Lab

Zirlux zirconia provides patients with an exceptionally strong, esthetic, all-ceramic alternative to metal restorations that mimics the characteristics and translucency of natural teeth. Offered exclusively by Henry Schein Prosthetic Network laboratories, Zirlux zirconia can be prescribed for multiple restorative options, including copings, crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays. Here, Dr. Drew Clement discusses his experiences with Zirlux zirconia and Drake Precision Dental Lab.   Download the full PDF here....

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Zirlux Zirconia
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