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Bisco, Inc
BISCO’s TheraCem is a self-etching, self-adhesive, dual-cured resin luting cement that is exclusively formulated for luting crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays, as well as prefabricated metal and nonmetal fiber posts and cast posts. This fluoride- and calcium-releasing...
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Kerr Corporation
Harmonize, a next generation universal composite infused with Adaptive Response Technology (ART), a nanoparticle filler network with features that help dentists achieve a lifelike restoration with more ease and simplicity than ever before. It’s the ART in Harmonize that...
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Sdi Inc.
Aura eASY can eliminate the guesswork in finding the right match to produce brilliant restorations. Designed to consistently achieve a natural look and produce a chameleon effect that blends in with natural tooth structure, Aura eASY’s shades are equidistantly placed on...
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Voco America, Inc.
Ionostar Plus Glass Ionomer Restorative is a glass ionomer material with a quick and easy application that allows for less procedure time.
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Hiossen Inc.
Superior Hydrophilicity for Enhanced Osseointegration. The Hiossen ETIII NH Implant features a super-hydrophilic Sandblasted and Acid-etched (SA) surface combined with a unique bio-absorbable apatite Nano Coating that helps ensure optimal treatment outcomes with every...
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Dream Sensor

Dentimax, Inc.

The DentiMax Dream Sensor represents the latest in CMOS digital radiography and provides a consistently crystal-clear X-ray image. The sensor’s...
Kerr Corporation Bib-EzeDisposable Bib Holders You would never re-use a bib, so why re-use a bib holder' Kerr Corporation's Bib-Eze disposable...



This versatile system uses proven Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) technology, which directly converts x-ray photons into data for generating images with...

Crescent Bodyrest System

Crescent Products

The Crescent Bodyrest System offers a new level of patient comfort while reducing clinician work strain and fatigue.

Planmeca ProMax 2D S3

Planmeca USA

ProMax 2D S3 Digital X-ray Unit from PLANMECA is a maxillofacial imaging system complete with easy-to-open patient positioning and a side entry.

Reflective Dry Tips

Microbrush International

Microbrush announces that it has launched its newest moisture control product, Reflective DryTips. Reflective DryTips provide excellent saliva...
Calibra Universal Self-Adhesive Resin Cement is a two-component, dual cure, high strength self-adhesive cement which contains fluoride. It offers a...

Palodent Plus Sectional Matrix System

Dentsply Sirona Restorative

Easy-to-use Palodent Plus creates consistently accurate and tight contacts.Building on the technology and decades of experience behind the original...
The XLDent dental practice management system takes advantage of the latest in software development and design tools to provide you with the most...

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  • Julie Cullen

    Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can trip you up. And when I say simple, I don’t mean unimportant. But consider sterilization pouches. These critical tools of the trade can be more than a little difficult to seal, which can lead to real issues with infection prevention in the dental practice. Mydent has created a rather ingenious...

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  • gail weisman

    Inc. Magazine’s just-released 12th annual “30 Under 30” list includes two wunderkinds who started the subscription invisible aligner subscription service SmileDirectClub. With a current network of more than 200 orthodontists and dentists overseeing treatment, SmileDirectClub is “really about opening up the market share, rather than taking away...

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  • Allison Walker

    “Layers! Layers! Adhesive layers!” Rolando Nuñez, DDS, MSc, says while waving a multilayer-frosted cupcake under his nose before popping it into his mouth. Dr. Nuñez really has fun—and this time got literal—with these Bisco Bites! In Episode 2, he’s talking about the things you need to think about when bonding to a tooth “in self-etch mode.”...

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  • Corrupted data can render even the most up-to-date backups useless, making it impossible to restore critical practice information in the event of a disaster.


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  • Imagine showing up to your practice only to find your server is no longer functioning as it should. Scary, right? With the TechCentral Hybrid Backup Service, you can avoid losing your patient records, financial data, payroll, and other critical practice information.


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  • Allison Walker

    Kidz Seal Pit and Fissure Sealant from Taub Products was developed especially for use in public health sealant programs and pediatric dentistry, but of course it works just as well in the general dental practice treating kids, too. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in addition to guarding against cavities,...

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