RelyX Fiber Post

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Product Description
3M ESPE introduces RelyX Fiber Post now available in the new, smallest post size “0”, with a coronal diameter of 1.1 mm to complement sizes of 1.9mm, 1.6mm, and 1.3mm diameter. Due to their high translucency and appearance similar to that of tooth structure, RelyX Fiber Posts are not visible through the restoration—unlike the dark shadow often caused by metal posts—and support a natural light reflection.


Ease of use and good treatment outcome are the hallmarks of these RelyX products.   In this  Dental Product Shopper  evaluation, we asked 14 dentists to evaluate two 3M products—RelyX Unicem 2 Automix Self-Adhesive Cement and the RelyX Fiber Post System . Each evaluator received a 4-week supply of the cement along with a variety of mix tips. They also received a RelyX Fiber Post System kit to use in conjunction with the cement. According to 3M, RelyX Unicem Automix Cement delivers high adhesion, resistance t...

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Case Study

Case Study

Zirconia-Based All-Ceramic Crown

A 48-year-old man presented with the complaint that a "front tooth looks ugly." Clinical examination revealed that tooth No. 9 had a composite resin labial veneer with significant esthetic aberrations. The tooth had an overall triangular appearance compared to the ovoid contralateral tooth. The proposed treatment plan called for removal of the old composite restoration, fabrication of a provisional crown to be worn for 1 month to evaluate cosmetics, then fabrication of a zirconia-based all-ceramic crown. After obtaining anesthesia, all original composite resin material was removed with a GENTLEpower LUX 25LPR handpiece (KaVo). This electric handpiece...

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3M ESPE RelyX Fiber Post

Watch the following informational video to learn more about the RelyX Fiber Post from 3M....

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Tried and True
Tried and True
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One for everything
I have been using RelyX Unicem for just about every type of crown cementation. I have found it fairly easy to mix with the small mixing tip helping to reduce waste. Good strength (I also use a curing light for the margins as it improves the hardness of any self-cure or dual-cure cement), and thin film thickness.
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Cement of cements
I have been in practice since 1974, and have see a large number of cements come and go, all claiming to be the best cement around. I had been using Rely X Unicem with good results, but changed to Rely X Unicem 2 when it came on the market and have been using it for all my crown and bridge cementations and haven't had the first problem. Clean up can be tricky if you light cure for more than a few seconds, but not bad. The only negative I have heard comes from my patients if they get it on their tongue. They say it taste terrible. Great cement. Thanks
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RelyX Fiber Post
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