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Acclean’s nonsplattering, gluten-free formula contains 1.23% fluoride and offers superior polishing finish with a quick, easy rinse. Unit-dose cups are packaged in quantities of 200 per box in a choice of mint, bubble gum, cherry, raspberry, cinnamon, tangerine, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors in fine, medium, coarse, and extra-coarse grits.



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Dental Hygienist
The product is slightly dry has to be mixed to dispense it and also is to thick and difficult to get into cup and also splatters.
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Patricia L. Carolan, DMD
This prophy paste is usable BUT it splatters and the cover/ seal is very difficult to remove on each individual unit!!
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Raspberry - yum yum
I have been a dental hygienist for 26 years and love the raspberry Acclean polish. It has a flavor that is well recieved by adults and children alike. It is not terribly gritty for a med paste and does not splater at all. You would be hard pressed to find a better polish and flavor. Chris - RDH
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An Excellent Paste
After 20+ years of using the same brand of prophy paste, our assistant ordered Henry Schein paste, mainly because it was less expensive. I was upset because the quality of a prophy paste is very important to a hygienist, and I had never heard anything about Henry Schein's paste. Was I pleasantly surprised! This paste does everything I would expect of a quality product. It removes stains, doesn't splatter, and the patients love the flavor. I will definitely continue to use Henry Schein prophy paste.
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Good paste; splatter-free; just wished the cups fit into the blue prophy holders!
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I like the creamy texture, it's easy to work with. There's a very generous portion in each cap. There are a variety of flavors to choose.
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It works
The stains are removed quickly and flavors are ok as stated by the patients. The price is one of the lowest.
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We were using another product until a new DDS bought the practice. He watches every penny and told us we had to use the most economical product.
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Acclean is an inexpensive but yet fantastic prophy paste. The have amazing flavors and levels of coarseness. There is no splatter and rinses away easily. There is always enough to finish and entire smile. Acclean is not only proficient in polishing the teeth but removal of stain. I would highly recommend this to all my colleagues that want a great, economical and great tasting paste. The name says it all. ACCLEAN SMILE!!!!!
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Acclean Prophy Paste
Henry Schein
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