Amelogen Plus

Product Description
From Ultradent, Amelogen Plus allows dentists to create strong and esthetic restorations. It combines a wide range of natural shades with strength and high polishability. And because it offers the high wear resistance of a 76% filled material, Amelogen Plus is ideal for both posterior and anterior restorations. The material’s handling properties make it nonsticky and nonslumping, as well as offering easy control and handling.


Amelogen Plus
Technical Specification
Cure Type: Light
Curing Time: Light
Delivery: Syringe - Single
Filler Percentage Weight: 76%
Particle Size: 0.7 хm
Shades Available: A1 - A2 - A3 - A3.5 - A4 - A5 - B1 - C2 - Opaque White - Enamel White - Enamel Neutral - Enamel Gray - Trans White - Trans Gray - Trans Orange
Shrinkage Percentage: 2.7 %
Sku# Amelogen Plus


Case Study

Case Study

Immediate Provisionalization Before Implant Placement

An 18-year-old female presented with tooth No. 7 missing after a history of trauma. At age 7, she fell and the tooth avulsed. It wasn't stored in any "liquid" or ideal environment, and when it was reimplanted, the results were compromised. No endodontic treatment was performed and at age 16, the patient lost the tooth; a temporary was fabricated. Subsequently, she had a bone graft using DynaBlast DBM Paste (Keystone Dental) plus a membrane barrier placed after decortification of the site; another temporary was placed. The patient again lost her temporary, and it was rebonded with resin composite at another clinic....

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Amelogen Plus
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