Author : Julie Cullen
Published Date 04/11/2012
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The culmination of 30 years of BISCO research.

Creating an "indispensable adhesive" for the dental practice was BISCO's goal in creating the recently introduced ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL. ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL offers the flexibility for total-, self- and selective-etch procedures with all direct and indirect restorations. This single bottle provides total compatibility with light-cured, dual-cured, or self-cured dental materials with the resin layer and activator incorporated into its unique chemistry.

Perfect Balance

BISCO describes ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL as having the ideal chemical balance, utilizing MDP monomers that result in the enhanced durability of the bond. These mildly acidic monomers are excellent for self-etching enamel and dentin, and they permeate easily through total-etched surfaces, forming thick hybrid layers with deep resin tags. This mild acidity (pH > 3) also guarantees the universal compatibility of ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL with dual-cured and self-cured composite core materials and resin cements.

ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL's hydrophobic formula reduces the ability of water to move from the tooth to the adhering composite after light curing, which improves the bond's durability.

Truly Universal

ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL is compatible with all light-cured, self-cured, and dual-cured resins, making it ideal for all direct and indirect restorations. It also can be used for desensitization, for intraoral repairs, or as a protective varnish for glass-ionomer-based fillings.

Strength in a Bottle

The unique formulation of ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL creates high bond strengths to all indirect substrates, including metal, glass ceramics, zirconia, alumina, porcelain (silica-based), and lithium disilicate. For example, the shear bond strength (MPa) when light-cured is 48.8 MPa to composite, 33.7 MPa to alumina, and 29 MPa to enamel.

Ease of Use

The versatility and single bottle delivery allow for worry-free application in wet/dry and moist conditions, making ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL an indispensable adhesive for any dental practice. Clinical evaluation confirms that the ease of use of ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL leads to virtually no post-operative sensitivity.

For more than 30 years BISCO has taken pride in listening to dental professionals' needs. With ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL, it has created a product with a simple technique backed by excellent material science.