Best Products: Complete the Cycle

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 06/20/2016
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Sultan Healthcare offers an entire cycle of infection prevention products for use before, during, and after patient treatment. Designed to protect both clinicians and patients, these 3 Sultan Best Products help complete the cycle: MoistSURE hand sanitizer (before patient), FlashTips disposable air water syringe tips (during patient treatment), and Volo Wipes surface disinfection (after patient).




Before treating each patient, one of the crucial steps to infection prevention is hand hygiene. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) reports that hand hygiene is considered the single most critical measure for reducing the risk of transmitting organisms to patients and health care personnel. Dental professionals begin the cycle by disinfecting their hands with MoistSURE Hand Sanitizer before each and every patient.




The CDC recommends the use of single-use, disposable patient care items when possible to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and disease transmission. Studies have shown that metal (non-disposable) air water syringe tips are a potential breeding ground for cross contamination. During patient treatment, using disposable FlashTips Air Water Syringe Tips will help eliminate the potential for cross-infection.




According to OSAP, if barriers are not used to protect operatory surfaces from contamination, they must be cleaned and disinfected between each patient. After each patient, surfaces can be sanitized with convenient Volo Wipes, which are ideal for hard, non-porous surfaces.

When it comes to preventing infection, Sultan’s products protect both patients and staff throughout the entire day.