Butler Prophyciency Prophy Angles

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 10/23/2014
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Built-in polishing and stain-removal agents eliminate the need for prophy paste

Unveiled at the 2014 American Dental Association Annual Session in San Antonio, the Butler Prophyciency Prophy Angle features the innovative ButlerBloom Contouring Cup for efficient cleaning and polishing without prophy paste?polishing and stain-removing agents are incorporated within the cup. It is available in Clean & Polish and Polish-only styles.

butler prophyciency

The Clean & Polish version has additional polishing and stain-removing agents impregnated in the cup; it provides more effective stain removal versus the leading disposable prophy angle used with the leading coarse prophy paste.

The Polish-only version creates a pleasant polishing experience for patients with little to no staining who just need a nice shine.

The Cup Has It All

The Butler Prophyciency?s ButlerBloom flexible, flower-shaped cup readily contours to effectively clean all tooth surfaces?facial, lingual, interproximal, and subgingival. It also is designed to transition easily from tooth to tooth. Because there is no need for prophy paste, this patent-pending technology virtually eliminates splatter and improves visibility during cleaning. And because dental professionals do not have to refill from a prophy paste cup and the patient does not have to rinse, the prophy appointments are shorter and there is less mess to clean up?creating an incredibly efficient process. All of this leads to a more satisfying cleaning and polishing experience for the patient.

Efficient and Effective

Results of independent testing at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) showed that the Clean & Polish version of the Butler Prophyciency Prophy Angle removed significantly more stains than the leading brand of prophy angle used with the leading brand of coarse prophy paste.* In another use test with 959 patients, 71% of dental professionals who used Prophyciency agreed it would be beneficial to their polishing procedure and patient care.** Specifically, study participants noted the convenience of not having to reload prophy paste, less rinsing, and faster cleanup.

The same study indicated that 78% of patients who had a prophylaxis procedure using the Prophyciency Clean & Polish prophy angle said they preferred cleaning and polishing without paste over the traditional prophylaxis procedure. Overall, patients felt that it was a more enjoyable and comfortable experience than the traditional method with paste. Additionally, 89% of those patients agreed that there was no discomfort during the procedure, 87% of patients agreed that the experience was less messy with no splatter, and 85% of patients agreed that there was no grit left on teeth or in the mouth.*

Benefits All Around

Sunstar?s latex-free Prophyciency incorporates a durable drive mechanism for smooth, consistent performance and minimal hand fatigue. The product is an ideal solution for all patients, including those that are elderly, people with strong gag reflexes or children who may find a polishing with paste an uncomfortable or challenging experience. Both the Clean & Polish and Polish-only versions come in quantities of 50 and 200 disposable angles.

**Data on file.