Clinical Applications of CAD/CAM Dentistry

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 04/09/2012
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SACRAMENTO ? Giving patients the option of CAD/CAM technology is merely continuing the ?digital experience? they have in every aspect of their lives, according to a speaker at the Advances in Digital Restorative Dentistry Meeting held here.

?My patients wake up in the morning, get on the Internet, check their stocks, the news, they check their email, listen to XM Radio, and use their Iphones and Ipads,? Dr. Sameer Puri said. ?Giving them the option of CAD/CAM dentistry is just enabling them to continue the digital experience they have in the rest of their lives.?

Dr. Puri, who is a certified CAD/CAM trainer, said one important component of CAD/CAM is the value of choice. He said the chairside milling enables him to better service patients, but also allows him the option of taking an impression and sending that information to the lab as well. ?I am not here to tell you to get rid of your laboratory,? Dr. Puri said. ?There are certain things you can do chairside, but there are a lot of cases I don?t want to deal with chairside.?

Notably, Dr. Puri said that CAD/CAM is very helpful with implant planning. ?I know right off the bat if there?s enough bone to conduct the surgery,? Dr. Puri said. ?It is also great for patient education purposes.? He noted that with the new 4.0 software, clinicians can choose teeth in the same quadrant, opposing quadrants or any quadrant/arch.

Then there are those cases he does not wish to design chairside. ?Instead of designing chairside, I take a scan with the same machine, at no extra cost to me, send that scan to my laboratory, they can now fabricate a model, and use that model as a regular model,? Dr. Puri said.

Another feature that Dr. Puri said is important is the value of support. He noted that the CEREC unit has been around for many years, and the manufacturer has drawn on that experience to make this unit user-friendly. The manufacturer has also worked with Patterson to provide a solid support system for the affiliated hardware.