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Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/30/2013
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The latest SOREDEX pan system offers quality diagnostics and efficient workflow.

soredex cranex nouvs eWhat?s better? Fast or slow? The ubiquitous AT&T ad campaign asks a seemingly simple question. Fast is better for downloading and internet connections available from online service providers. And fast is better for dental radiography?as long as image quality is maintained. The ?new? CRANEX Novuse digital panoramic x-ray unit from SOREDEX is engineered for fast operation that provides 3 very important benefits: workflow is streamlined, patients? radiation exposure is minimized, and the potential for movement artifacts is dramatically reduced. Fast is better.

All About the ?e?

Building on over 35 years of digital radiography experiences, SOREDEX added the superscript ?e? to the brand name of the new generation CRANEX Novus system. The CRANEX Novuse is designed for ease of use and efficiency. It captures a panoramic exposure on adults in 9 seconds, 8 seconds for a child. Its simple and intuitive 4-step operation allows instant image evaluation and optimized workflow. The CRANEX Novuse incorporates the proprietary ClearTouch control panel that provides easy selection of programs and then automatically assigns exposure values based on the selected program.

High-Quality Images

With an HD panoramic sensor at its core, the CRANEX Novuse incorporates several features combined to result in clear, sharp diagnostic-quality radiographic images. In addition to expanded imaging exposure values, CRANEX Novuse offers enhanced image processing and advanced spinal compensation (ASC). The patient positioning capabilities also contribute to exceptional image quality. The system?s 5-point head support with bite block ensures patient stability and 3 laser lights facilitate precise patient positioning. Other features include adjustable self-locking temple supports, a hinged mirror for enhanced patient positioning, and rigid patient handles with an integrated chin rest.

Everyday Dentistry?More Productive

The CRANEX Novuse is an affordable solution for assessing general dental status and for treatment follow-up,as well as for general temporomandibular (TMJ) and sinus diagnostics and facial and dental fracture diagnostics. Programs include adult panoramic (standard panoramic exams), child panoramic (with automatically reduced imaging time and patient dose), TMJ (for open- or closed-mouth exams of TMJ anatomy), and bitewing (an optional program for bitewing exams for patients where traditional intraoral imaging is not possible). The entire unit requires a footprint of about 3 x 4 feet, making is suitable for most practices.