CS 1500 Intraoral Video Camera

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 01/31/2013
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True-to-life images meet mobility and ease of use

Raising my patients' dental IQ has been a top priority ever since I bought my first intraoral camera almost 20 years ago. And if that translates into higher rates of treatment acceptance—which it always does—that's a bonus. I have seen amazing improvements in intraoral camera systems over the years. My first one in 1993 was a clunky cart-based unit. It was a huge investment at the time, so we only bought one and had to drag it between operatories. The images, while state of the art at the time, were not great. Fast forward...today, we are using Carestream Dental's CS 1500 intraoral camera.

Image Quality
The CS 1500 provides high-resolution still images (1024 x 768) as well as a wide focus range (1 mm and greater), making the camera a valuable tool for both patient education and accurate diagnosis. Also, its large depth-of-view accommodates both intra- and extraoral images. The CS 1500's advanced sensor and lens provide sharp views of the smallest defects. From full-arch to macro views, the camera captures consistently clear images that we can share with patients.
The CS 1500's true autofocus works like the human eye and intuitively focuses according to the distance between the camera and the object. As a further convenience, the 8-LED lighting system automatically adjusts to surrounding lighting conditions for ideal illumination and contrast levels.

Simple to Use
Because the CS 1500 needs no manual adjustments, we can grab images quickly. The single image-capture button generates images and automatically saves them to the computer or an SD card. The camera handpiece fits in either hand, so anyone on our team can use it comfortably. It's also compact and lightweight, so we can maneuver in even the most hard-to-reach areas.

Part of the Practice
The CS 1500 comes both wired and wireless. The wireless version gives us complete freedom of movement. The wired version has USB connectivity; we connect it directly to our computer without a docking station so we can share the camera between treatment rooms. We have 3 of the wireless models and they're used for every hygiene recall and every new-patient exam. My hygienist uses the wired version, and it's always at her side. I use the CS 1500 extensively with all my restorative cases, and it certainly helps patients appreciate the value of recommended treatment. The CS 1500 integrates easily with our existing imaging software because it's TWAIN compliant. Anyone in my practice can perform both intra- and extraoral exams, capture still images or videos, quickly display them on either a PC or video monitor, and save files in the patient's record.
The greatest benefit to our practice has been the tremendous increase in care acceptance. The compelling images, combined with the communication skills of my talented team, enlighten our patients and encourage them to not only proceed with recommended treatment but to take an active interest in developing and maintaining optimal dental health.