CS 9000 3D

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 01/27/2014
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Exceptional digital image quality in 3 modalities: panoramic, focused-field 3D, and optional cephalometric.


?By combining focused-field 3D technology with user-friendly imaging software, Carestream Dental?s CS 9000 3D generates brilliant images quickly at a dosage much lower than full field of view systems,? said Carestream Dental?s US Sales Director of 3D Imaging, Jordan Reiss. The versatile CS 9000 3D system offers high resolution digital panoramic imaging, focused-field CBCT capabilities and optional cephalometric imaging at an affordable price point. ?With an ideal combination of features, the CS 9000 3D has been a game changer for our practice,? noted Dr. Todd Geisler of Modern Care Endodontics in Lakeville, MN. ?The technology allows us to assess an area of interest in 3 dimensions, resulting in better treatment planning and potentially more predictable outcomes.?

Image Clarity, Detail

In each mode, the CS 9000 3D provides images with maximum diagnostic value (see examples, facing page). Consistently delivering an exceptional level of detail, the CS 9000 3D provides anatomically correct images with 1:1 measurements (images can be acquired at 76 microns). The ultra-high resolution of CBCT images offers superior visualization of fine, bony anatomy, such as tribeculation patterns of cancellous bone. Additionally, the focused field of view displays all necessary angles and slices. In panoramic mode, the variable focal trough adapts to patients? jaw morphology. For cephalometric views, acquisition takes less than a second?thereby reducing exposure time and the risk of retakes due to patient movement.

Intuitive Software

Developed by clinicians for clinicians, Carestream Dental?s feature-rich CS 3D Imaging Software is the heart of the CS 9000 3D. Images can be viewed slice-by-slice in axial, coronal, sagittal, cross-sectional, and customized views for improved diagnostic interpretation and patient communication. The software includes an implant planning module to help dentists make exact measurements and create simulations of proposed treatments. Users can create custom implant sizes in the software or choose from a comprehensive library of implant sizes by manufacturers. The software displays the long axis of the implant, the restorative space, and virtual plan for abutments. Data is acquired in DICOM, so it is compatible with most third-party guided surgery systems. The software also includes comprehensive, customizable reviewing, reporting, and sharing options for improved collaboration.

Simple Operation

Ease of operation for the entire dental team was top of mind in the development of the CS 9000 3D. To begin with, the desired 2D or 3D program is selected directly on the computer, and the system automatically rotates to the correct sensor. Unique to the CS 9000 3D, the dedicated, built-in sensors for each modality save time and reduce the risk of breakage that can occur when manually changing between panoramic and 3D sensors. The system also features an intuitive user interface, automatic adjustment of exposure settings and collimation, and fully motorized movement to easily select the exam region. Simple face-to-face positioning is a benchmark of the CS 9000 3D. Three laser beams (mid-sagittal, Frankfort horizontal, and 3D FOV) indicate proper alignment, while a Center of Rotation (CoR) dot is used for precise CoR adjustment using a bite registration. Support and Reputation ?Two of the most compelling reasons to go with the CS 9000 3D are the long history and excellent reputation of Carestream Dental. We?ve supplied reliable technology to the dental profession for more than a century,? said Reiss. ?With Carestream Dental, practitioners have access to one-stop shopping for digital imaging and practice management solutions in addition to professional services such as equipment service agreements, site planning and DICOM integration services.? If on-site support is necessary, Carestream Dental?s network of National Solution Providers ensures fast, dependable support for the practice network, hardware, or equipment.

Safety First
?Having the option of a focused field of view is particularly important for an endodontic practice,? Dr. Geisler explained. ?We typically concentrate on small areas, and the focused field lets us minimize the radiation, increase resolution, and direct our attention to only the site of concern.?
The CS 9000 3D?s focused field of view limits radiation to a specific region of interest, so patients are exposed to the lowest possible radiation dose?similar to that of a standard panoramic exam. Additionally, focused-field visuals minimize liability issues for practitioners by confining images to the area of expertise.
For details on the CS 9000 3D?s radiation measurements, including an independent verification of the unit?s dosimetry, click here.