Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/23/2014
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To say the mobile landscape and the popularity of mobile apps is expanding rapidly might just be the understatement of the decade. We are all increasingly dependent on smartphones and tablets to keep in touch and stay on schedule. A dental practice that can?t easily communicate with patients on their mobile devices is at a definite disadvantage in 2014.

Enter Demandforce. Whether it is patient retention, reactivating lost patients, collecting feedback and reviews, or getting the practice found on the Web, Demandforce offers a comprehensive suite of mobile-ready services for your practice. Demandforce knows that nearly half (47%) of all email communication generated by its software is read on mobile devices. So creating quality communication that is easily read by patients on the go?without pinching and zooming?is top priority for Demandforce developers. All e-mails are now formatted to be a responsive template, meaning they fit to best display on whatever device the patient is using. The emails also have clear calls-to-action that appear without the need to scroll, helping boost confirmations and appointment requests.

Patient Retention

It costs less to bring an existing patient back than to acquire a new one. Demandforce has several options to reach out to those who haven?t visited the practice in a while. Demandforce automatically sends emails and postcards customized according to individual patient needs, such as lapsed hygiene schedules or an unfinished treatment. Demandforce allows the practice to segment patients by various criteria (last visit date, star rating, age, gender, provider, and more) and then offer appropriate incentives to drive appointments.

Reduce No-shows

Demandforce frees valuable practice time and resources by automatically delivering customized appointment reminders and confirmations using email and two-way text messaging. Confirmation emails are automatically displayed as Google Now reminders on Android phones and as part of Apple Passbook for iPhones and iPads. Demandforce provides automated reminders, confirmations, and text messaging prompts that I have seen reduce no-shows by up to 40%. If patients don?t respond, the appointment can be filled with another patient, eliminating lost revenue.

Cruise-control Marketing

As a lecturer and consultant, I recommend Demandforce to colleagues and clients because ALL of its communications are designed to be easily read on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Additionally, Demandforce?s comprehensive capabilities, such as social media campaigns, patient referrals, and patient satfisfaction surveys among other items, offer something for any practice. Demandforce also offers products such as hard-copy postcards and an email finder service to get email addresses for patients who haven?t provided one. After features are set-up, Demandforce requires little to no ongoing intervention, providing ?cruise-control? marketing.