Demi Ultra

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 10/01/2013
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Kerr?s latest generation curing light?s intuitive operation allows for a quick recharge and cool curing.

Demi Ultra

Kerr?s newest entry into the LED curing light market is the Demi Ultra, feature-rich with technologies new to dentistry. While they can require a little explanation, Demi Ultra?s ultracapacitor power, C.U.R.E. technology, and Easy Suite operation combine to provide fast, effective, comfortable, and predictable curing.

Always Ready in Under a Minute

Demi Ultra is the first dental curing light powered by ultracapacitor technology?specifi cally the U-40 Ultracapacitor. Gaining popularity for use with a wide range of electronics from alarm clocks and cell phone chargers to electric vehicles, ultracapacitors are similar in size and shape to traditional batteries, but they work much differently. Ultracapacitors re-energize in a matter of seconds and maintain their energy capacity year after year.

Demi Ultra?s ultracapacitor re-energizes the unit in 40 seconds. Practically, that means that Demi Ultra is never more than 40 seconds away from delivering 25 ten-second cures. Downtime is eliminated for convenience and productivity.

Compared with traditional lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, ultracapacitors offers several key benefi ts:
? 40-second re-energizing (1.5- to 3-hour recharge for Li-ion batteries)
? Reliability and long-term retention of energy capacity (Li-ion batteries can decline 30% over a year)
? Longevity (last 8 times longer than Li-ion batteries)
? Lower operating costs (no battery replacement)

Effective and Efficient

Demi Ultra incorporates Kerr?s proprietary C.U.R.E. Technology (Curing Uniformity and Reduced Energy). C.U.R.E. provides uniform depth of cure with extremely low temperatures. Enhanced collimation delivers predictable curing power, directing more energy to the restoration with less sensitivity to the positioning of the tip. Simultaneously, the more uniform beam generates a more consistent depth of cure.

Additionally, energy consumption can be reduced because Demi Ultra incorporates an extra-large heat sink and higheffi ciency LEDs located at the tip. This confi guration keeps the temperature low and can decrease the risk of thermal injury.

Simple, Intuitive Operation

Demi Ultra?s Easy Suite set of features provides user-friendly operation and maintenance for seamless integration into the dental practice. Demi Ultra is constructed with a combination of Teflon-coated aluminum and proprietary Valox-molded plastic to create a light, durable, and chemical-resistant unit.

Its lightweight, ergonomic design and 360° rotating tip accommodate a range of hand positions, offering comfortable handling with minimal hand/arm stress. The handpiece is sealed and ventless to simplify cleaning and to help extend service life. Two-button, single-mode operation simplifi es access to all system functions, including a new silent mode activation. The single mode eliminates the need to toggle between settings? there is no need to program power functions to access PLS energy management.

In addition to enhancing patient safety, the extra-large integrated head sink provides cool, effi cient performance without the inconvenience of thermal shutdown, while eliminating the need for cooling fans and vents. Demi Ultra?s charging dock incorporates an easy-to-use, built-in radiometer that has an LED indicator for instant communication of power status.


Weighing 7.3 oz, the Demi Ultra is 10.5 in long and 1.3 in in diameter. It operates with a peak wavelength of 450 to 470 nm and offers curing modes of 5, 10, and 20 seconds. The nonautoclavable 8-mm LED light attachment is angled at 60°. Demi Ultra carries a 3-year warranty.

The complete system includes the Demi Ultra handpiece, light attachment, charging dock/radiometer, power supply, protective light shield, hardness disk kit, and 5 disposable barrier bags. All components are available individually, as is an optics maintenance kit.