Detecting and Restoring Hidden Interproximal Caries

Author : Frank Delvalle
Published Date 09/09/2014
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I recently implemented CariVu (DEXIS) caries detection device as part of my diagnostic armamentarium. While I use it during many procedures, I have now incorporated CariVu during recare visits. It?s especially useful when patients are not due for bitewing x-rays. Research shows that in many cases, CariVu can detect interproximal and occlusal caries sooner than radiographs*. I have experienced this many times in my practice, allowing me to be more conservative in the restoration process. CariVu is proving to be an important diagnostic adjunct for my practice, and this case is an ideal example of this

A 25-year-old woman presented for routine prophylaxis and examination. Her chief complaint was sensitivity in the upper left; she stated that she thought this sensitivity involved No.13. As a standard component of the appointment, CariVu was implemented for the screening of her posterior teeth. In this case, as often occurs, I was not able to detect the lesion on visual examination, in a magnified intraoral photograph, or even fully on a radiograph. Had we not used the CariVu, the lesion would have continued to progress, requiring more aggressive treatment at a later time.

I treatment planned this Class 2 for direct bonded restoration using OptiBond Solo Plus (Kerr) total-etch adhesive and combination of N?Durance Dimer Flow flowable composite (Septodont) and Z250 universal composite (3M ESPE) while employing Gluma Desensitizer (Heraeus), prior to restoration. Because co-diagnosis and communicating with my patients is always my focus, CariVu caries detection device with transillumination technology is a great addition to my armamentarium. Because the image is very visual, it is great for the skeptic, new patients, young patients, those with trust issues?anyone with whom you want to share information. This tool also integrates seamlessly with my DEXIS program, so that I can use its images along with those from my Platinum sensor and cameras and display all on a monitor or in the DEXIS go app for iPad.

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