EsthetX?HD: Strength and Predictability

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/26/2011
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When I began my dental training, eons ago, there were only 2 composites to pick from. Both were hand-mixed, came in 1 shade, and couldn?t hold a polish worth a lick. Those of you who go back that far can probably name those composites. Still, they were a godsend given the limitations of the powder liquid resin solutions that preceded them.

Fast forward to 2011 and, oh, how things have changed. I?ve lost count of the number of composite resin systems available and have come to take for granted that I can match just about any natural tooth shade, sculpt to my heart?s content, and polish so I can see my reflection in the finished restoration.

Top of the List

If you poke around my office you?ll find at least a dozen plastic boxes with partially used selections of composite resin that are approaching their expiration dates, not listed for re-order. One item, however, faithfully posted on the ?re-order? list would be the EsthetX?HD kit manufactured by DENTSPLY Caulk. Somehow ?HD,? as we call it in the office, has attained Top 3 status among our current favorites. If I had to explain why, the first term that comes to mind is predictability?and this virtue occurs at 2 levels.

Levels of Predictability

The first level of predictability would be HD?s strength. It seems that when I?m concerned about the possibility of breakage (Class IVs or direct composite veneers), I find myself reaching for the EsthetX?HD simply based on my personal track record with it. Certainly this is anecdotal, but it seems to hold up where I wouldn?t have expected. It?s tough stuff. If you look at a comparative chart of flexural strength among current favorites, EsthetX?HD always ranks in the upper echelons.

The second level of predictability points to shade matching, which also can be thought of as not having to worry about shade matching. That is, the body shades are so well optically tweaked that generally if you are within 1 to 2 shades of what you are trying to match, HD will ?cover? you. It blends into its surrounding matrix seamlessly. If, however, you are seeking a more complex approach to your restoration that involves multilayered resin, the ?recipe? on the back of the TruMatch shade guide will provide excellent guidance for mixing the opaque, body, and enamel shades that are part of the EsthetX?HD system.

Go-to Composite

You might wonder, ?Why the HD moniker?? Face it, we live in a high-definition world. So why should composite be any different? In this instance, HD refers to the new and improved version of EsthetX that has harnessed today?s nano-filler technologies and produced an updated formulation that now renders EsthetX?HD highly polishable? the ?missing link,? if you will. So now you have a resin that is not only fracture tough, but beautiful and ultimately predictable. No doubt, EsthetX?HD will remain on my roster of go-to composites indefinitely.