Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 08/27/2014
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One loupe system offers 3 adjustable magnification levels from 3x to 5x.

Working with engineers at Konica Minolta, Orascoptic has developed the first telescopic loupe system offering adjustable levels of magnification from 3x to 5x. EyeZoom makes its official debut in October at the upcoming American Dental Association Annual Session in San Antonio. Enabling the wearer to view the operating site from multiple perspectives, EyeZoom conforms to fit the custom preference of each individual. Whether EyeZoom is set at 5x while performing endodontic treatment, at 4x during scaling and root planing, or at 3x for veneer seating, EyeZoom maintains a consistent working distance at each of the 3 magnification power levels.

Users Said?

EyeZoom has been widely beta tested, and here are some comments from trial users. ?I had the pleasure of field testing the Orascoptic variable magnification loupes. I currently have 3.3x Orascoptic loupes with an Endeavor light that I have been very happy with for 3 years now. The telescoping feature has proven to be very useful when performing endodontic procedures, allowing me to locate canal orifices with greater speed and efficiency. I spend the majority of my time on the lower 3x or 4x settings, but I will zoom in to the highest settings when checking margins on crowns and examining deep carious lesions. The overall design is very easy to use without interrupting the flow of patient care. I have found the telescoping loupes to be an added benefit in providing the highest quality of dental care to my patients. If you do not have loupes that are at least 3x, I would recommend upgrading to the variable magnification loupes to improve your speed and posture.?

?Jason Vandehaar, DDS, Madison, WI.

?I?ve worked with loupes for decades and always desired variable magnification in the same set. Finally, Orascoptic delivers a product with versatility and precision. I can vary the magnification of my loupes for any clinical procedure! It?s like having a microscope at the end of your loupes.?

?Marc Geissberger, DDS, Greenbrae, CA.

?I love my variable loupes. They allow for excellent magnification with the flexibility to zoom out for a bigger view.?

?Brett Veerman, DDS, Fitchburg, WI.

Function and Form

The patent-pending EyeZoom technology provides exceptional edge-to-edge clarity and high-definition resolution. For symmetry between style and performance, the lightweight magnesium bezel adds an esthetically pleasing style to EyeZoom loupes. EyeZoom is available on Orascoptic?s Legend, Victory, and Rydon frames, and can be configured as a through-the-lens loupe.