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Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 10/01/2013
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GUM Crayola Squeeze-A-Color Toothpaste joins Sunstar's line of kids' oral hygiene products.


As part of its ongoing effort to help instill good oral care behaviors as early as possible, Sunstar Americas has partnered its GUM brand with Crayola-a trusted, familiar, and fun brand among children and their parents. The concept is to make "taking care of your oral health" an engaging and enjoyable activity and to offer clinically effective over-the-counter products that the dental team can feel comfortable recommending to patients. In addition to a varied line of toothbrushes and fl ossers, the GUM Crayola family recently welcomed its latest addition, GUM Crayola Squeeze-A-Color Toothpaste.


Fun-and Health-with Color

GUM Crayola Squeeze-A-Color Toothpaste is a lowabrasive fl uoride formulation for cleaning, strengthening enamel, and caries prevention. It comes in a variety pack of 1.5-oz tubes of 3 nonstaining colors and fl avors-Blueberry Burst (blue), Melon Blast (red), and Jazzy Apple (green)-to keep children interested in the brushing experience. The tubes' small-nozzle cap design encourages kids to get creative by mixing and matching colors and fl avors, while helping reduce toothpaste mess and waste, and encourage the use of the right amount of toothpaste. It is safe for use by children ages 2 and up.

Summarizing Sunstar's philosophy, Richard Demke, DDS, Senior Director of Technology and New Product Development at Sunstar, said that the new GUM Crayola Squeeze-A-Color Toothpaste is intended to inspire children "to fi nd the fun in brushing [so it] will fi nally be a less stressful part of every parent's day."



Four different toothbrushes are available in the GUM Crayola line to meet individual needs and brushing styles. GUM Crayola Marker toothbrushes have handles that look like Crayola markers with suction cup bases. GUM Crayola Pip-Squeaks toothbrushes feature whimsical characters on their contoured handles. Both styles have ultrasoft bristles featuring an interdental cut that cleans between teeth and raised bristle tips to clean hard-to-reach teeth.

The GUM Crayola battery-powered toothbrush features an easy to hold handle and ultra-soft oscillating bristles that gently massage gums as they clean teeth. It comes with a ventilated brushhead cap and 75 stickers for personalization.

The GUM Crayola Timer Light toothbrush incorporates colored LED lights that fl ash for 60-second intervals to help teach children to brush for the recommended 2 minutes. This brush has proprietary GUM Dome-Trim bristles that help clean subgingivally.



GUM Crayola Kids' Flossers incorporate shred-resistant, fl uoride-coated, grape-fl avored fl oss in ergonomic easy-to-use holders. The holders come in 3 designs and 3 colors.


Venerable Brands Unite

Sunstar (originally John O. Butler Co. and maker of the GUM brand) and Crayola have much in common. Chicago periodontist Dr. John O. Butler invented a gamechanging toothbrush and started his company in 1923. A series of fi rsts followed, from round rubber-tip interdental stimulators and disclosing tablets to colored toothbrush handles so family members could identify their own brushes. GUM continues to be one of the most popular brands of home oral health care products.

The Crayola brand has a vast portfolio of innovative art tools and creative toys that give kids the power to express all that inspires them. Sunstar and Crayola's strong partnership shows itself in the cohesive design of the GUM Crayola Kids' oral care products. The complete portfolio encourages building healthy habits early by making it easy and fun for children to take care of their oral health.

All GUM crayola products are available for purchase through direct, dealer, or retail.