Imprint 3 VPS Impression Material

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 04/25/2013
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Imprint 3 impression material resists distortion for fewer retakes, remakes, and adjustments.

When formulating Imprint 3 impression material several years ago, 3M developers were tasked with creating an impression material that would not distort on removal. When it was introduced to the market in 2009, Imprint 3 impression material incorporated a balance of physical and clinical properties that dramatically reduced the risk of distortion.

Broad Applications

That optimal combination of properties suits Imprint 3 impression material for a wide range of dual-phase impressions above and beyond crown, bridge, inlay, and onlay preparations. Imprint 3 impression material provides accurate reproduction for implant abutments, clear orthodontic aligners, functional impressions, and related impressions such as a matrix for provisional restorations, tooth reduction guides, study models, and bleaching trays. It also is recommended for full- and partial-denture impressions. The quick-setting versions of Imprint 3 impression material are especially suited for single-unit and 2-unit impressions.

Balanced Properties

Incorporating high stretching potential along with high tensile strength, Imprint 3 impression material is exceptionally resistant to tearing. It recovers nearly 100% after both stretching and compression, maximizing accuracy by minimizing distortion?and resulting in fewer retakes/remakes and better-fitting restorations. Imprint 3 impression material?s wettability also contributes to achieving accurate impressions. In wet conditions, many VPS impression materials naturally shrink away from moisture, creating voids. Imprint 3 impression material is exceptionally hydrophilic to allow void-free impressions with precise marginal reproduction, even in the presence of blood and saliva. Optimal flowability and drip resistance are 2 additional properties that allow Imprint 3 impression material to create accurate impressions with minimal technique sensitivity.

Convenient Handling

The putty and heavy-body formulations of Imprint 3 impression material are available for use with 3M's popular Pentamix 3 Automatic Mixing Unit. The Pentamix 3 unit provides easy, push-button mixing and dispensing of homogenous, void-free material. For the putty, the Pentamix 3 unit provides the convenience of automixing while retaining the feel and characteristics of hand-mixed material, such as controlled resistance when inserting the tray, and the ability to shape the mixed putty in the tray with fingers or an instrument. Imprint 3 Penta Putty is thermally active; it is already warm when the tray is seated in the mouth, speeding the set of wash materials. The result: working time remains unchanged while accelerating the intraoral set time for wash material. Imprint 3 impression material also is available in cartridges for the 3M Garant Dispenser, a handheld automatic mixing and delivery system. The Garant cartridge dispenser provides void-free mixing and allows direct intraoral application. Finally, Imprint 3 impression material can be used with Imprint 3 Intra-oral Syringes. The single-use syringes are sized to dispense the proper amount of wash material, significantly reducing waste compared to hand dispenser tips.

Multiple Options

Imprint 3 impression material comes in a variety of viscosity, set time, color (burgundy, frog-green, and blue-green), and delivery combinations. Three tray materials—a putty material and 2 heavy body consistencies in regular set and fast set—are offered for the Pentamix 3 unit. The heavy body consistencies are also available in the Garant dispenser. Also available are wash materials in 3 consistencies—a light body, a somewhat thicker regular body, and an even thicker ultra-regular body. These consistencies are available in regular set and fast set. A monophase, medium-bodied material delivered in the Garant dispenser completes the portfolio.

Hydrophilicity, flowability, and memory combined with high elongation potential and tensile strength impart Imprint 3 impression material with a balance of clinically relevant properties for consistently accurate impressions.