Imprint 4 VPS Impression Material

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 03/13/2014
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A 75-Second Setting Time Joins Time-Tested Chemistry

Find out why Christopher D. Ramsey, DMD, believes that Imprint 4 stands out in a crowded VPS market and minimizes retakes that can cut into profit.

You use more than 10% of your brain. Twinkies have a shelf life of 45 days. While we?re dismantling common misconceptions, it?s time to talk about impression materials. It is a commonly held belief in dentistry that all VPS impression materials are the same.

In reality, there?s a wide gap in performance between the average VPS impression material and a great one. Two critical factors set 3M ESPE?s Imprint 4 VPS impression material apart from the pack: accuracy and setting time.

Record Setting

There is an overwhelming number of VPS impression materials on the market, but only Imprint 4 offers a 75-second setting time. It?s no secret that patients are unenthusiastic (at best) about the impression-taking process. When you are a single gag-reflex away from a negative online review, every second counts. 

Imprint 4 is able to achieve its industry-leading setting time because of its proprietary self-warming technology that allows the material to quickly warm up to body temperature, accelerating the rate at which the material sets. In addition to my patients enjoying less time with ?goop? in their mouths, the speed increases my efficiency.

Timing is Everything

On the other side of the coin, Imprint 4 offers the same long working time as the earlier materials in the Imprint VPS family, so I have plenty of time to achieve a proper impression-taking technique. The result is a win-win material that doesn?t stress the dentist and maximizes patient comfort.

Haste Doesn?t Make Waste

Of course, application is only half the battle. A poor VPS impression material can be inaccurate or cause voids or bubbles in the impression. The goal is to take a great impression the first time, and while a bargain-bin material might save on expenses on the front end, it costs more money in the long run if you?re consistently doing retakes. 

Imprint 4 exhibits a high hydrophilicity, which is the key component to highly detailed and accurate impressions. Its hydrophilic properties allow it to work effectively in a moist field, where VPS materials that are less hydrophilic lose their accuracy. 

The chemical properties of Imprint 4 provide consistent results and have virtually eliminated retakes in my practice. Not only do I save money by not wasting material, but I also eliminate wasted time, which indirectly cuts into profit. 

Return on Investment

A great VPS impression material truly is an investment in your practice. Penny-pinching will save you just that?pennies. The long-term value of less chairtime, fewer retakes, and happier patients far outweighs saving a few bucks up front.