IMTEC MDI Implants: A Dramatic Difference for Denture Patients

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 03/08/2010
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We all strive to offer services that will make a difference for our patients. In my 33 years of practicing dentistry, I have seen many new innovations in treatment and quality of care. However, if I had to choose one procedure that has made the most dramatic difference, it would be mini dental implants (MDIs).

Since the initial acceptance of IMTEC?s MDI Implants by the Food & Drug Administration in 1997, the support for mini implants has been steadily increasing. For patients, these implants provide an affordable option for quick and effective denture stabilization and also crown and bridge cases. Their smaller size makes them an option for patients who may not qualify for root form implants. For general dentists, placing mini implants can be an effective way to build a practice.

I started placing mini implants in 2001. I was experienced in placing root form implants, but the simplified technique of IMTEC?s MDI system really caught my attention. From the completion of my first MDI Implant case, I knew that this system had a lot of potential for both patients and my practice.

Minimal Time Investment

The time investment required to learn the IMTEC MDI procedure is minimal. General dentists can become certified in the treatment to stabilize dentures after a 1 or 2-day course. The in-office procedure typically lasts 2 hours, including time to adapt the patient?s denture. The components of the system include the titanium alloy implants, as well as the O-ring retaining fixtures, which are fitted into the denture. The O-rings in the patient?s denture snap on to the ball-shaped heads of the implants, holding the denture in place while still allowing for very slight movement.

Dramatic Practice Growth

Our 6-doctor office places 50 to over 100 MDI Implants per month, and the procedure has dramatically changed our practice. In 1999, I was running a 4- operatory clinic and planning to retire. Adding the MDI service reinvigorated my interest in dentistry, and the clinic has now grown to 20 operatories.

We advertise our services in a number of media outlets; when people learn that there is a 1-day denture stabilization treatment that is less invasive, less painful, and less expensive than other types of implants, they are eager to learn more. Our ability to work with most patients? existing dentures provides additional cost savings.

Life-Changing Treatment

While I personally believe that the MDIs are one of the best services I have ever offered, patient testimonies are even more convincing. Many patients tell me that the implants have allowed them to eat confidently for the first time in years. Daily oral tasks that most of us take for granted are changed for the better once these patients have experienced the MDI implants. Their testimonials make this procedure extremely rewarding, and I encourage other dentists to make it a part of their practice.