Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 03/20/2014
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Strength meets natural esthetics for temporaries


For almost a decade, Integrity Temporary Crown and Bridge Material has been used in clinical practice to create durable, natural-looking provisional restorations. Integrated fluorescence along with optimal physical properties imparts a range of clinical benefits to DENTSPLY Caulk?s flagship temporization system.

Form and Function

Integrity is available in 5 shades (A1, A2, A3.5, B1, and a BW) to meet the esthetic needs of all cases. It has fluorescence and polishes to a high luster to mimic natural dentition. With a high flexural modulus (more than 2100 MPA) and transverse strength (more than 80 MPa), Integrity exhibits the flexibility and durability necessary for longterm provisionals. If necessary, however, repairs are simple because Integrity bonds to itself.

Clinical Convenience

Integrity has an optimal consistency to simplify handling and clean-up. Additionally, because of Integrity?s low shrinkage rate, the need for adjustment is minimized. Self-curing Integrity is ready for trimming 7 minutes after the start of mix. A less-than 5° temperature change in the mouth during setting eliminates the risk of damage to pulp and enhances patient comfort. Integrity comes in 2 delivery options: 15-g mini-syringes and 76-g cartridges. Both use easy-to-install automix tips that allow precise dispensing directly into the impression or matrix.

Functional Family

The proven and popular Integrity brand has inspired an expanded line that includes Integrity Multi?Cure Temporary Crown and Bridge Material and Integrity TempGrip Temporary Crown and Bridge Cement. Launched in 2011, Integrity Multi?Cure Temporary Crown and Bridge Material offers 30% reduced procedure time (compared to Integrity) through its dual-cure capability, with the same ease of fabrication, ease of repair, polishability, and more.

Additionally, Integrity Multi?Cure Temporary Crown and Bridge Material provides durable results because of its wear resistance and improved flexural strength (Integrity Multi?Cure Light Cure 109 MPa and Integrity Multi?Cure Self Cure 107 MPa). It can be repaired easily with light-cured composites. Exhibiting a creamy feel and no-drip flow, Integrity TempGrip Temporary Crown and Bridge Cement comes offsmoothly without crumbling for rapid clean-up.

When removing the temporary, Integrity TempGrip Temporary Crown and Bridge Cement is formulated to stay in the crown, not on the tooth. Finally, its low film thickness, along with high compressive and flexural strengths, provides secure luting.