Jet Tooth Shade

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 06/26/2014
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Self-curing resin temp material featuring ease of modification and repair.

Lang Dental Jet Tooth ShadeA flagship material in the trusted Jet family of acrylics from Lang Dental, Jet Tooth Shade temporary crown and bridge material is an economical and effective alternative to bisacryl. Lang introduced Jet Tooth Shade almost 60 years ago, and has continually made improvements, taking advantage of state-of-the-art research and new materials.

Strength and color stability, along with its ability to bond to itself, are among the many benefits of using Jet Tooth-Shade self-cured acrylic resin to fabricate provisional restorations.

Myth-Busting Methyl Methacrylate

While biocompatibility and tissue irritation are acknowledged issues with methyl methacrylate, Jet Tooth Shade is based on PMMA (polymerized methyl methacrylate), which is extremely biocompatible, resistant to long exposure to temperatures, chemistry, and cell action of human tissue. In orthopedic surgery, PMMA (also known as bone cement) is commonly used to fill the space between a prosthetic implant and bone.

?Cured methyl methacrylate is one of the most inert and biocompatible materials on the market,? noted David Lang, President of Lang Dental. ?The problem is that the acrylic liquid is somewhat irritating to soft tissue. So when making provisional crowns, the practitioner has to be careful in the way that acrylic monomer comes in contact with soft tissue.?

Multiple Benefits

Jet Tooth Shade is a self-curing powder/liquid formulation that exhibits optimal tensile and flexural strengths along with resistance to wear and abrasion, imparting exceptional durability and longevity to temporaries.

It sets in 6 to 9 minutes, with insignificant oxygen-inhibited layer formation?repairs and additions can be made without additional surface preparation. Jet Tooth Shade is easy to trim and adjust. (See the clinical benefits of these valuable properties in the case description on the facing page, courtesy of Steven H. Goldstein, DDS, Scottsdale, AZ.) It is available in 19 shades and remains color-stable for immediate and long-term esthetics. Additionally, Jet Tooth Shade is typically up to 90% more cost-effective than cartridge-delivered bis-acryl provisional materials.

Truly Tried and True

Lang predicts powder/liquid systems such as Jet Tooth Shade will have a continuing (and expanding) role in the restorative dentist?s armamentarium. ?I think they are consistent with the type of treatments that are being done with implants. There will be more crown-and- bridge work done in the future, as people will be saving their natural dentition as best as possible.?

"I believe traditional powder/liquid systems will be used primarily in laboratory applications or indirect techniques, while Bis-GMA automix materials will be used in direct techniques," added Lang. 

Also available for creating temporary crowns and bridges, Jet Set-4 self curing acrylic offers all the beneficial properties and handling of Jet Tooth Shade with a faster set time of 4 minutes.