Movin? Not Removin? Enamel: How Clear Aligners Helped Grow My Practice

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 02/20/2013
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Movin? Not Removin? Enamel

How Clear Aligners Helped Grow My Practice

General practitioners know all too well just how diffi cult it is to restore a tooth that has that ?twist and turn? positioning, making tooth reduction and reasonable ceramics a nightmare. One side has too much enamel to reduce and you worry about the pulp; on the other side, you must bulk up the porcelain. We all know the right thing to do is to move the tooth into a better position either for restoration or?best of all?no enamel reduction, save the tooth structure, and maybe just bleach the tooth. What?s missing is an arrow in our quiver of treatment options to successfully move teeth.

It?s the potential to save enamel that makes clear aligner treatment so desirable. It?s the right thing to do and, it turns out, it offers a profi t center to rival other time-consuming, everyday procedures. Tooth alignment with clear aligner treatment has been a huge practice builder and cornerstone of my practice.

The Importance of Tooth Alignment

First, let?s look at why tooth alignment is so important in a general practice. It should be the thread that weaves through all the things we do in everyday dental practice. We diagnose dental problems/disease, we treat disease with a host of techniques, we offer disease prevention, and we improve esthetics. All too often we ignore the need right under our nose. Adult mandibular crowding has been reported to be prevalent in about 65% of the US adult population. That means that in a practice with 2000 to 3000 patients, there would be about 1000 potential patients who may benefi t from clear aligner treatment. Even more astounding is that, as we have all observed, the incidence of orthodontic relapse is tremendous. These patients know just how nice their teeth looked when the orthodontic treatment was completed. They want to return to that original finish.

The need for clear aligner treatment is huge. We just need the right tools.