Multilink Automix

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 03/05/2012
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Multilink Automix

Ivoclar Vivadent?s proven universal adhesive cement is fast, simple, and reliable.

Multilink Automix from Ivoclar Vivadent is a self-curing luting composite (with light-curing option) indicated for the adhesive cementation of indirect restorations. In addition to strong, reliable bonding to all restorative materials, the hallmarks of Multilink Automix are its fast and easy application and clean-up, as well as greatly reduced postoperative sensitivity.

Truly Universal

According to respected clinician and educator Dr. John C. Cranham, acting clinical director at The Dawson Academy, ?Calling Multilink Automix ?universal? is not an overstatement. It can be used to cement any indirect restoration?inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, endodontic posts?made of any material.?

Dr. Cranham explained that all-metal and PFM restorations need a fast, reliable self-curing cement. Composite and fiber-reinforced composite (FRC) as well as reinforced all-ceramics (zirconium and aluminum oxide) have restricted or hampered access to light, so they require a cement with dual-curing initiators. All-ceramic (silicate) restorations require a cement that provides high-immediate bond strength, good marginal adaptation, and effective sealing of the dentin. Multilink Automix meets all these demands.

Know Your Chemistry

Multilink Automix?s chemistry incorporates patented, hydrolytically stable acidic monomers. This formulation is the foundation for generating high immediate bond strengths and durable adhesion to dentin and enamel for long-term security. Dr. Cranham noted that within 5 minutes, Multilink Automix establishes a reliable and long-lasting bond.

Ease of Use

Automix Multilink was introduced in 2004 and became an immediate market leader because of its performance. But Ivoclar Vivadent didn?t rest on its laurels. In early 2009, the company introduced the ?Easy Clean-up? formulation, which offers easier removal of excess material, while retaining all the original beneficial properties. Excess material can be light-cured for 1 to 2 seconds per quarter surface (mesio-lingual, disto-lingual, mesio-buccal, disto-buccal), transforming the material to a gellike consistency for fast, easy removal. According to Dr. Cranham, this makes Multilink Automix perfect for dentists who like to precure excess cement.

The Automix delivery system further simplifies cementation. It enables exact dosing with less waste, because only the amount of required material is dispensed. The Automix system creates a consistent mix every time without handmixing, capsule activation, nor additional application tools or devices.

Primer application is easy, too, said Dr. Cranham. A quick, 15-second application of the self-etching, self-curing Multilink A & B Primer seals dentin, while providing good marginal adaptation and high immediate bond strength.


Multilink Automix is available in 3 shades?transparent, yellow, and white opaque?to meet all clinical and esthetic situations. Complete kits are available containing all necessary materials and accessories, as are refills of all components.


Over the years, thousands of dentists have discovered the reliability and ease of use of Multilink Automix. In fact, according the Strategic Dental Marketing data, Multilink Automix is the number 1 adhesive resin cement.

Keeping to the Ivoclar Vivadent tradition of innovation, look for this versatile adhesive resin cement to continue its evolution for stronger bonds, simpler handling, and even more satisfied patients.