Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 11/06/2013
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I have been using E4D chairside CAD/ CAM technology for 8 years. When I heard E4D was developing a new camera and design software, I was anxious and happy to be a beta tester. With a couple of dozen cases under my belt, I can unequivocally recommend E4D?s NEVO Scanner and Design Center to any dentist who wants to start offering CAD/CAM restorations or wants improve the way they are currently doing CAD/CAM.

What Learning Curve?

One of the great things about NEVO is the initial ease of use. I can put it in anyone?s hands and they can begin to scan with minimal to no training. I can coach a new user, tell them which way to move, and achieve a great result.

My test for simplicity is: can I give it to an assistant to use immediately without a full day of training? With NEVO, the answer is yes. Of course it does take some time to be completely comfortable and profi cient, but you can capture a usable quadrant image the first time. My goal is for assistants to do all the scanning (they do about 80% now).

For the new user, I recommend taking full advantage of the distributor?s training classes and on-site training and support. An impressive support tool that separates E4D and NEVO from others in the market is SOS. Technicians and trainers can log into your system on request and provide immediate support with nearly any issue.

Better Imagery

NEVO offers advanced continuous video image capture technology. Scanning is almost like painting a picture?you move the handpiece back and forth and data is filled in. With an enlarged and adjustable field of view, I can scan areas that were previously not available for digital impressioning, without capturing extraneous areas. This is particularly true for upper second molars.

The ergonomic design of the handpiece helps me capture ideal images. I can rest the handpiece on the teeth for optimal stability. The hood and shape of the working end allow the camera to be used for lip and cheek retraction as well. The unit is self-heating, making it fog-free, and its quiet fan dissipates heat. The NEVO scanner also has a convenient on/off button on its handle.

Smoother Workflow

One of the best features of the NEVO design software is the erase tool, which is a great time saver. After local anesthesia I will typically have the assistant scan the opposing arch and the arch where we are going to restore the tooth. After I prep the tooth, I use the erase tool to fi ll in only the data where the tooth has been prepped. I rescan only the prep?the software fi lls in the data on the model, eliminating the need to scan the entire quadrant again. Another tool?the rubber tooth tool? allows me to manipulate the virtual restoration (as if it were made of rubber) to adjust contacts and occlusion.

I also appreciate the multiple outputs that allow NEVO to work with other CAD/CAM systems. E4D has made a commitment to the open architecture concept, maximizing the applications of the NEVO scanner and software. Digital files can be saved and exported in the industry standard open-fi le format (.stl), compatible with any software. Although I mill about 80% of my indirect cases in the offi ce, I sometimes have to send scans to a laboratory for cases such as implant restorations, some bridges, and some anterior restorations. I like the idea of having choices of different laboratories with the NEVO scans.