New Product: SMARTmatic Series

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 06/13/2017
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Low-speed handpiece series offers features to optimize performance


As most dentists know, all low-speed handpieces and motors should be cleaned and autoclaved after each patient. That’s according to the CDC, whose guidelines state:


“Dental handpieces and associated attachments, including low-speed motors and reusable prophylaxis angles, should always be heat sterilized between patients...Although these devices are considered semicritical, studies have shown that their internal surfaces can become contaminated during use. If these devices are not properly cleaned and heat sterilized, the next patient may be exposed to potentially infectious materials.”


KaVo’s SMARTmatic has special features that are designed with these guidelines in mind:

• Stainless steel construction that will not rust

• One-piece handpiece sleeve with no gaps or edges

• Ball bearings for smooth operation

• Sterilizable up to 135°C


“SMARTmatic’s one-piece handpiece sleeve is critical to reduce the number of steps required for proper (CDC-compliant) cleaning and sterilization. Other handpieces have multiple pieces that need to be disassembled before sterilization or rough/ringed areas that make cleaning difficult,” said Adam Hoffman, senior marketing manager at KaVo Kerr.

The SMARTmatic low-speed handpiece series offers a number of features to optimize performance, including a small head size for better sight lines, ceramic sliders within the chuck system for securing the bur, and stainless steel construction for long durability.

“The SMARTmatic series of low-speed handpieces combine the highest standards in reliability with a broad spectrum of treatment options, including endodontics, restorative, and prophylaxis treatment indications,” Hoffman added. As a successor to the INTRAmatic E/ES series, the SMARTmatic series fits alongside the Master and Expert series to offer dentists an entry point into KaVo handpieces.