NTI-tss Plus

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/22/2013
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Comfortable and effective, NTI-tss Plus provides pain and clenching relief in a compact, no-gag appliance.


Originally developed to prevent migraine pain, Keller Laboratories' NTI-tss Plus has proven for more than a decade* to be an effective alternative to full-coverage bite guards. The NTI-tss Plus eliminates tooth wear from bruxing and clenching, muscle pain associated with muscle dysfunction, and diagnostic treatment planning. The NTI-tss Plus gives dentists a way to simply and effectively treat patients who suffer from tension and migraine headaches by reducing the intensity of jaw clenching while patients sleep.


The NTI-tss Plus does the job of a full-arch bite guard but only covers the centrals and laterals. Full-coverage bite guards can increase clenching activity for some patients, because they create an ideal clenching surface for canines and molars. Keller states the NTI-tss Plus discludes all posteriors and reduces clenching intensity by almost 70%. And because the device is smaller and less bulky than traditional bite guards, patient compliance is increased.


Disclusion Discussion

The NTI-tss Plus is a small, clear shell with a patented anterior to posterior Discluding Element (DE) attached to the incisal edge. The DE provides for a point stop on the mesial-incisal edges of the 2 opposing central incisors. The DE controls parafunctional behavior by providing protrusive, centric, and excursive incisal guidance with minimal condylar rotation. Comfortable Safety The NTI-tss Plus is made from Keller's Clear 450 thermoplastic material, which does not contain bisphenol-A. The high-heat, high-pressure injection process creates a precise, custom fit with no shrinkage. Clinically unbreakable, Clear 450 does not absorb stains and odors and has been shown to last 3 times longer than conventional acrylic guards.


Patient, Practice Pluses

Because the NTI-tss Plus covers only the front teeth, chairtime is reduced. The appliance is easier to seat, with fewer adjustments required compared to a traditional bite guard. In addition, 70% of NTI-tss Plus customers report seating the device in less than 10 minutes. To fabricate the device, Keller needs full arch models or vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) impressions along with the patient?s maximum protrusive movement. The NTI-tss Plus allows the practice to offer a premium service with minimal effort, enhancing referrals and profitability. The decrease in chairtime has benefits for patients as well, including maximum comfort, which promotes greater compliance. Since the NTI-tss Plus is smaller and less bulky than traditional appliances, it does not trigger the gag reflex.



Although some clinicans still prefer the maxillary NTI-tss Plus, users continue to find additional indications for a lower appliance. Factors that influence arch choice include clinical crown length and tooth contour (retention), tooth rotations and malposition, uneven incisal edges, and narrow arch width. The NTI-tss Plus Soft is also available when teeth are extremely crowded, slightly mobile, or especially sensitive. A Keller technical advisor can make recommendations after models are mounted and analyzed in the laboratory.

Typically, third-party coverage has not been problematic. In general, the same insurance codes for splints, TMJ appliances, and habit appliances all apply to the NTI-tss Plus.


*In 2001, the NTI-tss protocol was FDA-cleared for the prevention of medically diagnosed migraine pain and jaw disorders by reducing trigeminally innervated muscular activity. The NTI-tss therapeutic protocol was developed by James P. Boyd, DDS, to prevent migraine pain. The NTI-tss Plus is the laboratoryfabricated version of the chairside NTI-tss. It is exclusively manufactured by Keller Laboratories and is available only through certified NTI-tss laboratories.