NuSmile Pediatric Crowns

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 03/29/2012
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NuSmile Pediatric Crowns

Esthetics?not just for grown-ups.

With a more than 20-year track record providing esthetic full-coverage protection in cases of early childhood caries, NuSmile anterior and posterior crowns are anatomically correct stainless-steel crowns with a tooth-colored coating. They offer the one-visit simplicity and durability of traditional stainless-steel crowns along with the natural appearance of technique-sensitive open-face or composite-strip crowns?the best of both worlds.

?Many dentists and patients? parents have had concerns about the social and psychological impact of the ?stainless steel smile?,? noted NuSmile CEO Diane Johnson Krueger. ?NuSmile Crowns offer a simple, esthetic alternative to unsightly, traditional stainless steel crowns. And because they?re easy to use, NuSmile Crowns allow dentists to practice better?not harder?dentistry.?

Studied, Preferred, and Proven

In a Dental Product Shopper Peer-to-Peer Product Evaluation, all 7 evaluators rated NuSmile?s appearance as excellent, while six said they would definitely or probably purchase NuSmile Crowns and recommend them to colleagues. One evaluator said, ?I will be recommending [NuSmile Crowns] to NYU residents when teaching there.? Evaluators appreciated the clarity of NuSmile instructions and training, describing them as ?extensive and complete.? One said, ?Placement is similar to [another company?s] crowns, but NuSmile training is superior.?

NuSmile Crowns have been included in many university studies. In a University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry survey of more than 2500 members of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), 61% said they prefer and use NuSmile anterior crowns (no other single brand was used by more than 35%). An Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center survey asking about posterior crowns found that more than half (55%) of the AAPD-member respondents preferred and used NuSmile (no other brand was used by more than 15%).

In clinical studies, NuSmile was found to have the highest shear strength (and thus the lowest rate of esthetic failure) of 4 brands tested in a Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Pediatric Dentistry study. NuSmile Crowns exhibited wear similar to uncoated stainless steel crowns in Houston Biomaterials Research Center testing. Finally, Oregon Health & Science Researchers found NuSmile Crowns withstood significantly greater loads than 2 other brands.

Something for Every Smile

Offered in regular and short lengths, NuSmile anterior crowns feature slightly square point angles; distal point angles can be slightly rounded at chairside to create a right or left crown. (Right or left crowns are available at no additional charge.) NuSmile Crowns are offered in two shades?extra light and light-- to match most primary dentition.

Available for US dentists only, Custom Rx NuSmile Crowns can be made according the dentist?s specifications. Incidentally, due to the increased use and popularity of these crowns, the ADA has established a restorative code (D2934) for reimbursement.

Inventory Options

Offered at new lower prices, NuSmile Crowns are available in a variety of kit options as well as individually. Anteriors can be purchased in a starter kit and professional kit, while posteriors are available in mini, basic, and master kits. Supplied in storage boxes for easy identification and selection, the kits contain assortments of popular sizes in either shade. NuSmile offers monthly volume discounts for large practices, too.

To simplify procedures, NuSmile offers several support products including a 25-minute technique DVD, a crown prep bur block, crown-shortening burs, crown storage boxes, consultation models, and patient brochures in English and Spanish.

A Reliable Choice

NuSmile Crowns are made in the United States, with quality materials and via proprietary NuSmile processes. Placement is less technique sensitive than other treatment options while resulting in a durable and esthetic outcome.