OP300 Maxio

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/23/2014
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3D scans deliver up to 5 times less radiation than 2D pans


OP300 Maxio

The latest addition to Instrumentarium Dental?s ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH line of extraoral imaging systems, the OP300 Maxio Pan/Ceph/3D is designed to significantly minimize patient radiation exposure while providing a wide range of fields-of-view for maximum flexibility. It was unveiled during the recent American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session in New Orleans.

Less Radiation

The OP300 Maxio incorporates proprietary Low Dose Technology that delivers quality-optimized 3D cone beam images with a very low radiation dose?up to 5 times less than standard 2D pan images, according to Instrumentarium. Available in all fields of view, the Low Dose Technology feature is especially beneficial for applications such as pediatric patients, follow-up imaging, and implant planning. The lowered radiation does not affect the clinical value of the images. In addition to the low-dose resolution, the OP300 Maxim offers the standard scan mode for general diagnostics, a high-resolution scan mode for more detailed diagnostics, and an endo scan mode (only in the 5x5 field of view) offering 85 ?m voxel size with MAR tool.

Choices for Field of View

To help ensure successful diagnostics, the OP300 Maxio offers the ability to readily choose the most appropriateregion of interest. The position of the 3D field of view can be freely set based on region of interest. Five field-of-view sizes are available? 5x5, 6x8, 8x8, 8x15, and 13x15. The smallest field of view optimizes the scan for single-site implants and localized diagnostics. The new largest field of view accommodates the entire maxillofacial region including airways and the upper cervical spine or the sinus area.


It?s the Software

Feature-rich Invivo 5.3 software is the central nervous system of the OP300 Maxio. In addition to new restoration tools that simplify accurate doctor/lab communication, Invivo 5.3 features improved user-friendly implant-planning capabilities for flexibility and a seamless implant selection and placement process. Additionally, the software can combine digital impression and cone beam scans for more precise treatment planning.

Repeatable Pans

The OP300 Maxio?s Automatic Dose Control function provides consistent, reproducible panoramic image quality for enhanced diagnostics. During every acquisition, the user-selectable function easily and adaptively regulates panoramic exposure levels based on each individual patient?s anatomy. True penetration is measured and dosage is automatically adjusted accordingly. Combined with the panoramic multilayer feature (which captures 5 panoramic images with a single scan), Automatic Dose Control minimizes the need for retakes. The OP300 Maxio builds on the long ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH tradition of exceptional diagnostics, patient and operator safety, and ease of use.