Oraqix Non-Injectable Anesthetic Gel

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 08/28/2012
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Oraqix Non-Injectable Anesthetic Gel

While we have an obligation to provide our periodontal patients with instrumentation that?s thorough and effective, we must also make sure patients are comfortable during these procedures.

In 2004, enter DENTSPLY Pharmaceutical?s Oraqix, which has become an essential component of contemporary clinical armamentarium for nonsurgical instrumentation in the treatment of periodontal disease. A less invasive, needlefree alternative to injection anesthesia, Oraqix is a lidocaine and prilocaine (2.5%/2.5%) non-injectable anesthetic periodontal gel.

Patient-Centered Care

Most clinicians would admit that when patients are adequately anesthetized, they are more comfortable performing thorough instrumentation. Some researchers have concluded that quality periodontal debridement may even depend on effective pain control for patients undergoing the procedure. I have found it to reduce patients? dental anxiety and their fears/perception of pain? and in turn, reduce psychological barriers to treating periodontal disease for a vast population of patients.

For most patients, the typical level of discomfort during nonsurgical periodontal procedures does not require profound pulpal anesthesia, and therefore does not warrant the discomfort and risks associated with an injection. Historically, because of the lack of another effective option, pain control used for periodontal debridement relied on injection anesthesia, either in block or infiltration form. DENTSPLY Pharmaceutical?s Oraqix is 1 of the non-injectable anesthetic gels that filled this void.

Full-Mouth Periodontics in 1 Visit

One of the most promising treatment options we can offer our patients is to perform instrumentation on the entire dentition at 1 time. This modality has been termed ?single-stage? periodontal debridement and Oraqix and similar products are pivotal in being able to use this approach to nonsurgical treatment. There is evidence to suggest that the use of a single-stage approach has the potential to further reduce pocket depth and increase clinical attachment over and above what can be achieved by quadrant-by-quadrant scaling and root planing alone. The use of this treatment option is gaining popularity in practices that have adopted progressive disease management strategies, and patient acceptance is extremely high.

One of the greatest concerns I?ve heard regarding using a single-stage approach is a reluctance to anesthetizing the whole mouth during 1 visit, and this is a legitimate concern. Fortunately, with non-injectable anesthetic gels, this barrier to single-stage periodontal debridement has effectively been eliminated.

Benefits for Patients and Clinicians

We often need to weigh the projected benefit of a therapy or treatment against a loss or some other disadvantage. With Oraqix and other non-injectable anesthetic gels, there appears to be no such downside or tradeoff. The benefits for patients seem clear, yet there are also intangible benefits for dentists and dental hygienists. For example, besides the time saved on schedules, releasing dentists from the responsibility of administering anesthesia translates into decreased levels of occupational stress for many.

As a result of using Oraqix and other non-injectable anesthetic gels, patients are more receptive to care, and clinical outcomes may be enhanced.