Palodent Plus

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 02/27/2014
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I have always been a fan of sectional matrices. They are easy to use; I can place multiple matrices at one time in the same quadrant; and I do not have to depend on the wedge alone to create the contact?the ring does this for me while anatomically shaping the restoration buccally, lingually, and interproximally.

I had been using other sectional matrix systems before 2011, when DENTSPLY Caulk launched Palodent Plus?the next generation of the original Palodent system that had been used in clinical practice for more than 25 years. The new system takes the ?BiTine? ring concept to another level by combining it with anatomically contoured matrices, wedges, and wedge guards that work together for optimal contacts. As soon as I tried Palodent Plus, I was convinced and switched to the new system. It works every time, creating fantastic anatomical contacts.

Wet-Fingered Benefits

Palodent Plus makes class II composites (which are technically diffi cult restorations) very predictable and less stressful. Patients leave with an anatomically correct contact that mimics the natural tooth, prolonging the restoration?s life and enhancing function throughout the life of the restoration. Recently, I was doing a class II composite on tooth No. 30. While I was removing the decay, the entire buccal lingual cusp fell off. I stopped, took a photo of the tooth, and shared it with the patient. We reviewed the options: place a large fi lling or crown the tooth. For several reasons, the patient opted for direct restoration. We proceeded to place a very large composite covering the distal-occlusal-lingual surfaces. The contact was great to start with, so I was determined to get a great contact using Palodent Plus. Palodent Plus? ring fit nicely to shape the lingual cusp. Even with the missing cusp, the matrix did not collapse (a great benefit I experience consistently).

Using the system?s tweezers with a built-in ball burnisher, I burnished the sectional matrix band against the adjacent tooth, but when I was finished filling the restoration and removing the matrix band, I needed a hemostat to get the matrix out. I did this easily because of the nonstick fi nish on the Palodent Plus EZ Coat Matrix. The final outcome was a success.

Productivity Pluses

As a bonus benefit of using Palodent Plus sectional matrix system, I can do more restorations at once because the matrix is so easy to set up. DENTSPLY Caulk has confi gured the system with 6 main components, so my inventory is simplifi ed and it is easy to keep track of parts. Each component (wedges, 2 sizes of rings, matrices, wedge guards, forceps, and pin tweezers) is optimized to create an accurate, complete, and seamless system. My assistant also loves Palodent Plus sectional matrix system for its easy tray setup, and for its successful outcomes. Incidentally, I like that I can order Palodent Plus through my dealer.

Highly Recommended

I recommend Palodent Plus sectional matrix system to colleagues in my lectures. I found it a bit challenging to get dentists to try different products chairside because there is a learning curve (albeit small), and they are used to doing and using whatever system they use. When I am able to convince dentists to try Palodent Plus, most ask themselves why they had not tried it sooner.