Park Dental Research and Lew MDI O-Ball Implants

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 10/25/2011
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Park Dental Research and Lew MDI O-Ball Implants

The creation of a groundbreaking new alliance ensures the future of Park Dental Research.

Established in 1967, Park Dental Research recently joined forces with Dr. Ron Bulard, the founder of IMTEC. The combination of this innovative dental implant company with the experience and leadership of Dr. Bulard continues the vision of improving patients? lives through implantology.

Past, Present, and Future

Jack Wimmer, the founder of Park Dental Research, has been instrumental in the pioneering of dental implants along with many important figures in implantology, including Drs. Gustov Dhal, Victor Sendax, Aaron Gershkoff, Norman Goldberg, Isaiah Lew, Leonard Linkow, Raphael Chercheve, Jack Lemmons, Norman Crain, Carl Misch, Charles Babbush, Kenneth Judy, Burton Balkin, Robert James, Bob Baier, and Professors Muratori and Yanagisawa. Mr. Wimmer has been recognized for his contributions to implantology, including the creation and manufacture of many custom implants and implant systems that have become the professional standard.

For 40 years, Mr. Wimmer led Park Dental Research in the research, design, development, manufacture, and marketing of dental implants and accessories. He will continue with the company in an advisory role.

On October 1, 2011, Dr. Bulard acquired all shares of Park Dental Research and was appointed CEO and President. Before joining the company, for more than 20 years Dr. Bulard led IMTEC (later 3M IMTEC) to become a global dental company offering products around the world.

When asked about the future of Park Dental Research, Dr. Bulard said, ?I wish we could reveal some of the [new] projects in our product pipeline.? He went on to say, ?We see so many opportunities for this company to offer effective technologies to dental professionals?and improve tooth replacement outcomes for patients.?

The company has revealed that beginning in 2012, Park Dental Research will aggressively market its new product line through professional training seminars around the country. ?We?ll begin training doctors in major cities across the US and at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry in Oklahoma City,? said Dr. Bulard. ?It?s an ambitious undertaking, but we are prepared to get our highquality, cost-effective products into doctors? hands so they can see how they are different from the competition.?

Lew MDI O-Ball? A Core Product

At the heart of the Park Dental Research family of products is the Lew MDI O-Ball implant, which is compatible with most mini dental implant instrumentation. Indicated for the stabilization of upper and lower full dentures, the Lew MDI O-Ball implant is available in 2 diameters?2.0 mm for the mandible and dense bone and 2.5 mm for the maxilla and softer bone. If an initial primary stability of 35 Ncm has been achieved, dentures can be immediately loaded with this implant.

?The Lew MDI O-Ball implant offers a refinement upon the standard minidental implant designs,? said Stephen J. Hadwin, COO of Park Dental Research. Mr. Hadwin went on to describe the implant as a ?golden anodized o-ball abutment implant with reverse buttress threading that will result in a costeffective method of implant treatment.?

Using Lew MDI instruments and accessories, dentists can perform the Lew MDI O-Ball Surgical Procedure. For site preparation, Park Dental Research offers a surgical marker and 1.5 and 2.0 mm tissue punch. Various sizes of surgical drills, implant drivers, and the Park Dental continous feedback torque wrench are also available.

An Inclusive Philosophy

Dr. Bulard has joined force with a a company that shares his belief in the responsible advocacy of implantology as an inclusive discipline within dentistry.

?Implants have improved and enhanced the lives of thousands of people,? Dr. Bulard said. ?We?re excited about Park Dental Research and its potential to be a growth-oriented company.?